SME – MODEL 30/2

With its many original design features the Model 30/2 is a unique turntable. There are no critical adjustments or setting up procedures. Its immaculate construction and finish stem from facilities and uncompromising quality control which have made SME a byword for engineering excellence. Judged by Germany_s AUDIO _the best turntable of all time_ the Model 30/2 can be for the fortunate owner of an analogue collection the key to lasting musical enjoyment.

SME - MODEL 30/2 - Model 30/2 no arm
SME - MODEL 30/2 - With Series V Precision Pick-up Arm (Gold Plated)
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Dimensions: 530 x 400 x 232mm., Spindle Length:170.5mm Spindle Diameter:19mm


33.3, 45 & 78 rpm


Net weight with PS: 53.5kg (118lb) Shipping weight: 79.5kg (175lb)