Spendor Centre CR3

The Spendor CR3 was designed to provide a small footprint centre channel for use with smaller surround systems, or where space for the centre is at a premium. The CR3 is engineered and balanced to provide a centre channel solution based on research into the S3/5R² mini monitor loudspeaker.

Spendor Centre CR3 - Black Ash
Spendor Centre CR3 - Cherry
Spendor Centre CR3 - Dark Walnut
Spendor Centre CR3 - Light Oak
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It is a compact centre channel loudspeaker delivering low distortion, even dispersion and fabulous sound even when it is located on or close to shelves, screens, equipment, or walls.

The small size of the CR3 makes it perfect for smaller spaces. The clear articulate midrange is never muddled or confused by the bass and the widely dispersed treble ensures you will enjoy an enveloping sound experience.

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84dB for 1 watt at 1 metre


Power handling

100 watts unclipped programme


4.6 kg each