SME 15 Turntable

The SME Model 15 could be described as the ultimate in recovery vehicles, allowing the cartridge to retrieve the last iota of recorded material whether digital or analogue, from the vinyl disc and approaching the ultimate in perfection.


SME 15 Turntable - Without Arm
SME 15 Turntable - With Series 300 Model 309 Arm
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Receiving its inspiration from the superb SME Model 10 precision turntable, the SME 15 seeks to emulate the excellence of our Models 20/3 & 30/2 turntable whilst retaining the more compact footprint preferred by many of our enthusiasts.

Platter: Fully machined damped,

Surface: Diamond turned top

Clamp: Large diameter reflex

Speeds: 33.3, 45 and 78 rpm

Speed Control: Fine pitch adjustment

Dimensions (WDH): 428 x 378 x 176 mm

Weight: 18.5 kg

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428 x 378 x 176mm.

Net Weight

18.5kg (40 lb)