Nagra Classic Amp

The Nagra CLASSIC AMP was designed for extremely high quality installations, which require high power while maintaining a perfect musical delivery of the Watts.

The unit operates in pure class A over a very large power band and beyond in class AB. Each of the output stages is based on tandem MOSFET transistors of exceptional characteristics.

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  • Generally, assembly of an equivalent output stage requires several pairs of transistors, which is difficult to achieve precisely. The simplicity of the CLASSIC AMP’s design is the key to its musicality.
  • The input and driver stages also contribute equally to the overall performance and precision.
  • The Nagra CLASSIC AMP is characterised by its stability, irrespective of the loads placed upon it.
  • The power circuits drew particular care in the design stage.
  • They are based upon an innovative concept: An overdimensioned transformer and a diode bridge are placed upstream of the PFC decoupling stage, used to actively correct the power factor.
  • The filtering is achieved with a bank of capacitors, totalling 300 000 μF.
  • This supply concept, which ensures efficient energy transfer, allows immediate reaction on even the most abrupt transients.
  • The Nagra CLASSIC AMP is fitted with a traditional Nagra Modulometer on the front panel, showing the power of each output channel.
  • An LED is also fitted to indicate saturations, excessive temperature.
  • The amplifier is equipped with balanced and unbalanced inputs and in IN/OUT trigger function. It can be used in a bridged configuration, giving 1x 200 W into
  • 8 Ω, and can also be used in a bi-amplification configuration if desired.

Additional information


100 W RMS per channel into 8 _


1 V or 2 V RMS

Input impedence

>100 K_


00 W max less than 1 W in standby and Auto mode


18 Kg (39 lb 10 oz)


277 x 395 x 174 mm (11 x 15? x 7_)

Operating range

90 _ 110 V or 110 -132 V or 180 _ 264 V a.c. 50 _ 60 Hz