CADENCE VA 1.0 Amplifier

The smooth, natural sound of the Cadence VA 1.0 is the result of Cadence’s innovative hybrid approach. The best performance characteristics of vacuum tubes are enhanced by precise solid-state monitoring, and the whole is integrated into one harmonious instrument.

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The design of the VA 1.0 is completely unique. Solid state transistor circuitry drives the valves. Specially designed solid state devices also monitor and constantly bias the valves, so that they are always matched to perfection. This makes the VA 1.0 the most user friendly valve amplifier available. There is no need to match valves, any valve may be replaced without having to change the whole set. Plus, bias control is automatic. Just switch on the VA 1.0, and play.

Additional information

Power output

36 watts RMS @ 1kHz into 6 Ohms 9 watts RMS (Pure Class A) into 6Ohms

Peak power output

50 watts into 6 Ohms

Frequency response

3 Hz to 40 kHz ( – 0.5 dB), @ 1 watt with Electrostats connected.3Hz to 100 kHz ( – 0.5 dB) into 6 Ohms at 1 watt

Dynamic range

108 dB

Input impedence

10 K Ohms

Output impedence

10 K Ohms

Input sensitivity

1 V – 35 watts

Power consumption

170 watts


50 Kgs.