Boulder – 3010 Preamplifier

The 3000 Series has become synonymous with the ultimate in sound quality; a level of performance reserved for only the finest audio systems in the world. But traditional thought says that the more features and functions added to a preamplifier, the more of an effect they have on sound, right?

nOnce again, Boulder’s engineers have proven traditional wisdom wrong and achieved something very special. The 3010 is easily the greatest preamplifier in the history of the company. It’s also the most flexible preamp Boulder have ever designed.

A truly cost-no-object design, the 3010 is as close to audio perfection as it is possible to achieve with today’s technology. While that sounds like a recipe for clinical sound, the reality is anything but that: it delivers a magical ability to recreate the sense of musical reality and every nuance of the live performance. What’s more, it will do that in almost any system with an unprecedented degree of control and flexibility.

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